LA Great Snow Cones is a New Orleans style shaved ice frozen treat where delicious snow cone flavors range from bubble gum, blue raspberry, green apple, lemon lime, orange-sicle, cherry to grape.

The history of snow cones come from a variation of ground-up or shaved ice desserts served in cups and topped with flavored sugar syrup. These frozen iced treats are referred to as “snowballs”, “ice cones” and “snow cones”. The snowballs are made with finely shaved ice and the snow cones are made with grounded up ice that is more courser and more granular.

In the 1850’s, ice houses in New York would commonly sell ice to states like Louisiana to Florida. Huge ice blocks would be transported on wagons from the ice houses to the south where children would run up to the wagon and ask for small scrapings of ice. Eventually, mothers would prepare homemade flavorings in anticipation of their children receiving some ice. The initial homemade flavor is egg custard, made with eggs, vanilla and sugar, still a favorite today.

Now, there are a limitless amount of flavors available. LA Great Snow Cones is world-famous with its original New Orleans style flavors and taste.



Blue Raspberry


Green Apple



LA GREAT SNOW CONES is more than a family-owned snow cone company, it’s a movement to making a difference in the lives of families and communities. We stand for integrity, hard work and giving back. We strive to provide snow cones that are deliciously made with the highest quality.  Our motto is “The more we make, the more we give.” Every time you purchase our LA GREAT SNOW CONES, you are making a difference. We are honored to support Operation Smile. Together, we make it possible for children who suffer from cleft conditions, to receive surgeries and a new smile so that they may reach their full potential in life.

Matthew 4:4 Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on
bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”